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Stock Control

SETPOINT Academy Fundamentals      1h 30min

What is included?

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1 curated online course covering working capital management fundamentals

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4 chapters, 4 chapter quizzes and final test upon completion of course material

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A mix of traditional learning, interactive exercises, cases and analogies.  

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SETPOINT Academy certificate after successful completion

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Managing Working Capital
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Course description

The purpose of this course is to give knowledge on:

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The role of stock and assortment control in a business

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How stock control influences and is influenced by customers, suppliers, distribution and capital management.

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Different possibilities to make a positive change, and where to begin

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How to carry out basic analyses using standard key figures.

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Where to find relevant tools and support.

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Basic vocabulary

Skills covered in this course

Course table of content


    1. Why should I learn more about stock control

    2. Why not run the business without stocks?

    3. Who are the stakeholders?

    4. How to control the products in stock?

    5. How is the Company’s finance affected?

    6. Section quizz


    1. The warehouse

    2. A shopping mall or Outlet?

    3. How to control the assortment of regular stock standard products?

    4. How is profitability on stock investment calculated?

    5. How should the assortment be managed?

    6. How do you handle and eliminate obsolete stock

    7. Section quizz


    1. How do you find out about future demand?

    2. Forecast and long-time horizons, why are these so dangerous?

    3. When should you replenish?

    4. How to calculate the safety stock?

    5. How much to replenish?

    6. Wilsons formula - how does it work?

    7. Is EOQ the best lot size?

    8. How large will the stock be?


    1. Storage space - a never ending concern?

    2. What is FIFO - What is LIFO?

    3. Stocktaking – a necessary pain?

    4. How could inventory increase, regardless if business goes up or down?

    5. How do stocks in a supply chain affect each other?

    6. How to avoid the Bullwhip effect?

    7. What can you do about financial restrictions on stock?

    8. Which stock control method should be used?

      1. ROP

      2. MRP

      3. PULL

      4. DDMPR

      5. Vendor Consignment

      6. 2-Bin

    9. Reducing stock, is that a goal or something else? 1

    10. How do you organize a good stock control?

    11. How do I know my stock control works well?

    12. Where to find support and inspiration?

  5. Final test

Course table of content
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