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Uncovering fact based working capital insights

SETPOINT Solutions is a cloud based tool that automatically collects, cleans, analyzes and presents your company's transaction data, providing real time analysis, forecasts and structured insights

SETPOINT Solutions is a joint-venture collaboration between SETPOINT Group (former Nordstrom Advisory) and Intito - combining working capital subject matter expertise with best-in-class planning-, reporting-, and analysis solutions (CPM) capabilities

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Extended planning and analytics (xP&A) at your hand

Automatically collects, cleans and analyses transaction data: moving seamlessly between Group and Local view, with no filters between system and reality

Provides fact-based overview of performance, forecasts and what-if scenarios identifying ​trends and focus areas, testing the impact of decisions before they happen

Helps determine the optimal Working Capital – the SETPOINT – placing the power of extended planning and analytics - including algorithmic forecasting - in the hands of the user

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SETPOINT Solutions address your most common working capital issues and concerns


“I have too much inventory but still can not get shipments out in time… what is wrong?”

"How will our working capital develop over the coming period? I have no tools to forecast or simulate with..."

"I have been asked to initiate pre-dunning... I wonder who my habitual bad paying customers are?"

“…we can never have a fact-based discussion, because we simply don’t have the facts…”

“Our reported working capital metrics can shift dramatically month to month… no-one can tell me why…”

"Our DPO is improving! I wonder if it's because we have negotiated better terms, or if it is because we simply don't pay in time?"

"How can I get an overview of supplier payment terms, price and delivery performance?"

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Working Capital analysis available by the click of a button

The SETPOINT Solutions platform is connected to your local ERP system(s) and automatically collects relevant transactional data on a pre-determined interval

SETPOINT Solutions is based on a state-of-the-art technical platform that connects to any data source, extracting and structuring the data into predefined dimensions and hierarchies

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Real-time insights made accessible through intuitive web based interface

SETPOINT Solutions provide all users with access to the same data, and trust in a single source of truth

Data and findings are presented and made available through easily accessible tables and graphs with built in drill-down capabilities

The system also allows its users to generate own analysis and break-downs in easy-to-use play-field

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Powered by a state-of-the-art technical platform

Powered by IBM Planning Analytics | With Watson

SETPOINT Solutions builds on the xP&A platform: a state-of-the-art in-memory solution with 8 000 + installs worldwide – “the Swiss army knife of finance”

Freedom under the law

Pure OLAP engine that lets the business define the rules of data and not vice versa

Business owned Extract, Transform and Load Process

Connects to any data source, defines clear rules for data and metadata. Cleans an structures all data into dimensions and hierarchies

Open APIs

A complete REST API allows AI infused extensions such as python-based name matching. Advanced users or data scientists can access all data via TM1py in a Jupyter notebook or leverage IBM Watson Studio

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