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SETPOINT Solutions uncovers fact based working capital insights

SETPOINT Solutions is a cloud based tool that automatically collects, cleans, analyzes and presents your company's transaction data, providing real time analysis, forecasts and structured insights

We are a joint-venture collaboration between SETPOINT Group and Intito - combining working capital subject matter expertise with best-in-class planning-, reporting-, and analysis solutions (CPM) capabilities.

Extended planning and analytics (xP&A) at your hand

Collects, cleans & analyses data

Automatically collects, cleans and analyses transaction data: moving seamlessly between Group and Local view, with no filters between system and reality

Performance forecast & scenarios

Provides fact-based overview of performance, forecasts and what-if scenarios identifying ​trends and focus areas, testing the impact of decisions before they happen

Determines your Setpoint

Helps determine the optimal Working Capital – the SETPOINT – placing the power of extended planning and analytics - including algorithmic forecasting - in the hands of the user


Working Capital analysis available by the click of a button

SETPOINT Solutions platform is connected to your local ERP system(s) and automatically collects relevant transactional data on a pre-determined interval

SETPOINT Solutions is based on a state-of-the-art technical platform that connects to any data source, extracting and structuring the data into predefined dimensions and hierarchies

Real-time insights made accessible through intuitive web based interface

SETPOINT Solutions provide all users with access to the same data, and trust in a single source of truth. Data and findings are presented and made available through easily accessible tables and graphs with built in drill-down capabilities. The system also allows its users to generate own analysis and break-downs in easy-to-use play-field.


Powered by a state-of-the-art technical platform

Powered by IBM Planning Analytics | With Watson

SETPOINT Solutions builds on the xP&A platform: a state-of-the-art in-memory solution with 8 000 + installs worldwide – “the Swiss army knife of finance”​.

Freedom under the law

Pure OLAP engine that lets the business define the rules of data and not vice versa​.

Business owned Extract, Transform and Load Process

Connects to any data source, defines clear rules for data and metadata. Cleans an structures all data into dimensions and hierarchies.

Open APIs

A complete REST API allows AI infused extensions such as python-based name matching. Advanced users or data scientists can access all data via TM1py in a Jupyter notebook or leverage IBM Watson Studio.

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