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Project Control eLearning course

SETPOINT Academy continued education     2h 

What is included?

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1 curated online course covering Project Control fundamentals

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6 chapters, 6 chapter quizzes and final test upon completion of course material

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A mix of traditional learning, interactive exercises, cases and analogies.  

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SETPOINT Academy certificate after successful completion

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Managing Working Capital
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Course description

The purpose of this course is to give knowledge on:

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What is a project and key characteristics for Project Delivery.

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How Project Working Capital and Cash-Flow can be monitored and controlled

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Steps for an effective Project Control.

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Introduction to a Project Delivery framework, and Gate Model.

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Common Project Delivery related pitfalls and how to mitigate those.

Skills covered in this course

Course table of content


    1. Why should I learn about Project Control?

    2. What is a project?

    3. What is Project Delivery?

    4. Which Project Delivery Methods are there?

    5. What are the Project Delivery Phases?

    6. Why is Project Control important?

    7. Section quizz


    1. Why is Working Capital in Project Business important?

    2. How do you monitor the Working Capital of Projects?

    3. What do we mean by Project Control?

    4. What steps should be taken to prepare for a successful Project?

    5. What is an invoicing plan?

    6. What can prevent a project from invoicing?

    7. What is a cash-flow plan?

    8. What is a cash-flow profile? 

    9. What is Risk Management?

    10. How do you go about mitigating risks?

    11. What are the Cash-Flow risks?

    12. What about project accounting?

    13. Managing changes and alterations

    14. Section quizz


    1. What do we mean by project framework?

    2. Which are the Support Processes?

    3. Quality Assurance and Control

    4. What is the Gate model?

    5. Who are the actors involved?

    6. Section quizz


    1. What is tendering?

    2. What is an RFP?

    3. G00 – Prepare the Tender?

    4. What does it take for a contract to be legally binding?

    5. How do you create clear terms?

    6. Understanding an RFP

    7. What is the purpose of the tender design?

    8. Prepare the Tender

    9. G0 – Submit Tender?

    10. The contract phase

    11. Section quizz


    1. Project Start-up

    2. Project Review & Financial Follow-up

    3. G1 – Ready to start Planning?

    4. The Planning Phase

    5. Order Design

    6. Project Review - How does AS ENGINEERED compare?

    7. G2 - Ready for purchasing and production?

    8. Purchasing

    9. The Production phase

    10. Project Review - How does AS BUILT compare?

    11. G3 – Products ready to ship?

    12. ON SITE Phase

    13. Project Review - How does AS DELIVERED compare?

    14. Closure Phase

    15. Project Review – The Final report

    16. Section quizz


    1. What can happen if cash is taken for granted?

    2. How do you manage a project’s financial performance?

    3. How do you prioritize when things go from bad to worse?

    4. How does different payment forms incentivize?

    5. The organization culprit

    6. What should you watch out for?

    7. What can we learn from the Sydney Opera House story?

    8. The Learning organization

    9. Section quizz

  7. Final test

Course table of content
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