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Production Control eLearning course

SETPOINT Academy Fundamentals      2h 

What is included?

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1 curated online course covering working capital management fundamentals

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5 chapters, 5 chapter quizzes and final test upon completion of course material

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A mix of traditional learning, interactive exercises, cases and analogies.  

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SETPOINT Academy certificate after successful completion

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Managing Working Capital
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Course description

The purpose of this course is to give knowledge on:

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How Production Control affects profitability, customer values and capital efficiency.

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Basic requirements to plan and prepare the manufacturing process.

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Basic requirements to execute and conduct the manufacturing process.

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Different possibilities to make a positive change and where to begin.

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Basic vocabulary and definitions of crucial key figures.

Skills covered in this course

Course table of content


    1. Why should I learn more about Production Control?

    2. Why is it so difficult to meet the expectations of Production Control?

    3. What is the difference between Supply Chain Management and Production Control?

    4. Chapter quizz


    1. Should you produce what you sell? or should you sell what you produce?

    2. What is the difference between a flow- and a functional-oriented Production System?

    3. Flow-oriented Production System

    4. Functional-oriented Production System

    5. How to establish a quick, lean and predictable Production System?

    6. Which are the crucial processes in your Production System?

    7. Which are the sub- and support processes?

    8. Chapter quizz


    1. What do we mean by Planning?

    2. How to plan and prepare the various processes?

    3. Could more detailed planning improve your delivery performance?

    4. Another approach is to strive for simplicity

    5. Chapter quizz


    1. When to start the execution of a production order?

    2. What controls the production lead-time?

    3. What is the relation between WIP and Leadtime?

    4. Why not completely remove queues and waiting time?

    5. How to combine maximal throughput with short and predictable lead-times?

    6. What is a bottleneck and how to identify it?

    7. How to utilize the bottlenecks?

    8. How to keep WIP low and limited?

      1. KANBAN

      2. CONWIP

      3. Drum-Buffer-Rope

      4. TAKT

    9. How to establish reliable production processes?

    10. What to do when things go wrong?

    11. Chapter quizz


    1. What is delivery precision?

    2. What will happen if we don't keep our promises?

    3. How do you know you have a good Production Control?

    4. Long order stock and short delivery times - an impossible combination?

    5. How is profitability increased when limited by bottlenecks?

    6. Where to start?

    7. Is the path forward clear?

    8. How far should you go?

    9. Chapter quizz

  6. Final test

Course table of content
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