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SETPOINT and QUICK&CLEVER join forces as SETPOINT Academy

Updated: Jan 13

SETPOINT Academy increases your organizations insights and awareness through certified eLearning courses.

Increasing cost of capital, higher material cost and disrupted supply chains have changed how companies approach working capital. Business as usual is no longer an option. Companies are looking for ways to work smarter.

Excess working capital is often a symptom of untreated operational inefficiencies. The underlying root causes are often spread across multiple functions and stakeholders. Any sustainable improvements require an increase in awareness and understanding across the whole organization.

SETPOINT Academy upskills and reskills your organization to meet the operating working capital and supply chain requirements of today's volatile business environment. Integrated Business Planning and operational excellence will be key.

Give your team a competence boost! Check out our eLearning trailers at: Academy | SETPOINT Group

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