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Managing Working Capital

SETPOINT Academy Fundamentals      2h 30m

What is included?

Continuing courses available

1 curated online course covering working capital management fundamentals

6 chapters, 5 chapter quizzes and final test upon completion of course material

A mix of traditional learning, interactive exercises, cases and analogies.  

SETPOINT Academy certificate after successful completion

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Managing Working Capital

Course description

The purpose of this course is to give knowledge on:

Different perspectives on working capital, why it is important for all functions within a company, and how it influences a business.

The interaction between working capital and time, and why a company should understand its SETPOINT.

What triggers working capital and what are the main levers to improve.

How strong working capital practices not only affects a company's cash-flow, but also topline and cost.

General working capital management considerations, and typical performance management metrics.

Skills covered in this course

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Course table of content

  1.   Introduction

    1. Case introduction - Home Depot​
    2. Why care about working capital
    3. What is working capital
  2.   Fundamentals

    1. The 3 financial statements

    2. What does the balance sheet tell us

    3. The balance sheet and working capital

    4. What is operating working capital​​​

    5. Chapter quizz

  3.   Working capital and Operations

    1. How can cash be tied up in operations

    2. Operating working capital and time

    3. The cash conversion cycle and funding gap

    4. What triggers operating working capital

    5. Reducing the funding gap

    6. Chapter quizz

  4.   Operating working capital SETPOINT

    1. Is it always about reducing working capital

    2. How much should a company carry

    3. Which company performs best

    4. How the environment impact working capital

    5. Supply chain conditions & constraints

    6. What is an operating working capital SETPOINT

    7. How inefficiencies impact working capital

    8. Reaching and improving a SETPOINT

    9. Chapter quizz

  5.   Capital vs. Profit

    1. Measuring a company's success

    2. Operating working capital and profitability

    3. Cost of doing business

    4. Operating working capital and cost of capital

    5. Operating working capital and growth

    6. Why does growth come at a cost

    7. Reducing cost of growth

    8. Chapter quizz

  6.   Management

    1. Why manage operating working capital​

    2. What is supply chain bias

    3. Who owns the working capital

    4. Monitoring performance

    5. Leading and lagging indicators

    6. Why set balanced targets

    7. Case - Home Depot

    8. Chapter quizz

  7.   Final test

Course table of content
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