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Financial Control eLearning course

SETPOINT Academy Fundamentals      2h 30m

What is included?

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1 curated online course covering working capital management fundamentals

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6 chapters, 6 chapter quizzes and final test upon completion of course material

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A mix of traditional learning, interactive exercises, cases and analogies.  

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SETPOINT Academy certificate after successful completion

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Managing Working Capital
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Course description

The purpose of this course is to give knowledge on:

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The most important perspectives for the financial control of a company or a consolidated group of companies.

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The most important financial reports like Balance Sheet (Assets, Liabilities and Equity), Profit & Loss Statement and Cash Flow

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How to measure profit and profitability

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Basic vocabulary and definitions of crucial key figures

Skills covered in this course

Course table of content


    1. What is a company?

    2. What is Financial Control?

    3. Why should I learn about Financial Control?

    4. What is a limited company?

    5. What is a Public company?

    6. How do you execute Financial Control?

    7. What are the elements of Financial Control?

    8. Chapter quizz


    1. What is Bookkeeping and Accounting?

    2. What is "Closing the Books"?

    3. What accounting principles are used?

    4. What is a consolidated Group of Companies?

    5. Chapter quizz


    1. How to monitor financial performance?

    2. What financial reports are produced?

    3. How is financial information analyzed?

    4. What are the financial targets of your company?

    5. Chapter quizz

  4. CASH

    1. What is the mission for Cash Management?

    2. How to organize the flow of cash?

    3. Should you buy financial benefits?

    4. How to monitor and minimize currency risks?

    5. Chapter quizz


    1. What is a budget?

    2. How can you make standard cost calculations?

    3. How to set a sales price?

    4. What is an operational budget?

    5. What is an investment budget?

    6. How do you control investments and acquisition?

    7. Chapter quizz


    1. How much capital does a company need?

    2. How to get necessary capital?

    3. Is your company doing a good job?

    4. What kind of taxes affect a company?

    5. How to share financial information?

    6. How to improve financial performance?

    7. Where to find support and inspiration?

    8. Chapter quizz

  7. Final test

Course table of content
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