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Customer Credit and Payment Control

SETPOINT Academy Fundamentals      2h

What is included?

Continuing courses available

1 curated online course covering working capital management fundamentals

5 chapters, 5 chapter quizzes and final test upon completion of course material

A mix of traditional learning, interactive exercises, cases and analogies.  

SETPOINT Academy certificate after successful completion

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Managing Working Capital

Course description

The purpose of this course is to give knowledge on:

How credit handling affects profitability, customer values and working capital

Basic requirements for granting credit to customers.

Basic requirements for collection of receivables and over-dues.

Different possibilities for you to make a positive change and where to begin

Basic vocabulary and definitions of important key figures

Skills covered in this course

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Course table of content


    1. Why do you sell on credit and not Cash?

    2. Do you have anything to do with how and when the customer is paying?

    3. How is your company doing?

    4. How could credit handling support the business?

    5. What image should a company have?

    6. What about intra-group business?

    7. Do you need to finance the customer orders beyond established credit conditions?

    8. Chapter quizz


    1. How can you trust a stranger?

    2. How can you trust a business partner?

    3. Which payment forms are used?

    4. What is a credit limit?

    5. How wide a minefield do you want to cross before getting payment?

    6. What is the value of credit?

    7. Why do payment conditions vary in different markets?

    8. How do we reach an agreement?

    9. Chapter quizz


    1. How do customers behave?

    2. How can your company improve customer behavior?

    3. How do you approach a customer who has not paid on time?

    4. How do they collect overdue debts in Spain?

    5. How should you design collection routines?

    6. What is the float?

    7. How to look at poor payment precision from customers?

    8. Chapter quizz


    1. How do we know we have a good credit control?

    2. How do you improve and find best practice?

    3. Who is in charge?

    4. With a new credit policy - How do you approach the customer?

    5. Will you lose the customers?

    6. Should you buy financial benefits?

    7. How do you protect yourself against currency changes?

    8. How do you protect yourself against bad debts?

    9. Are you a winner?

    10. Chapter quizz


    1. We did not do the credit check

    2. The European customer did not pay us.

    3. Our tailor-made goods did not have a buyer

    4. The customer threatened to leave us

    5. Orders, but no payments

    6. Our goods were sold on an auction.

    7. The government cancelled all their payments to us

    8. Chapter quizz

  6. Final test

Course table of content
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