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SETPOINT Advisory is in the business of guiding organizations towards their optimal working capital level - their SETPOINT

We take a holistic and end-customer-centric approach on the full cash conversion cycle, optimizing the operational and structural drivers behind your current performance

We understand the intrinsic relationship between Strategy, Operations and Finance, making sure our solutions balance and optimize all three perspectives combined

Finding and approaching your SETPOINT

A working capital SETPOINT is challenging to find, let alone reach, as it involves multiple stakeholders with often conflicting strategies, targets and KPIs

SETPOINT Advisory will guide you on this journey, making sure the approach is tailored to your current performance and overall value chain maturity

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Working the root cause of the issue

Working capital is often a symptom of underlying supply chain and operational inefficiencies

Our LEAN WORKING CAPITAL approach is based on the importance of removing these underlying drivers, as part of realizing lasting results

Our focus include areas such as:

Demand forecast and planning

Production planning & scheduling

Collection and dispute resolution

Sales & Operational Planning

Supplier selection and risk assessment

SCM IT system gap review

Inventory planning and optimization

Supply chain footprint and design

Structured financial solutions, such as SCF

SETPOINT Advisory's delivery model

We are experts in project and change management: we deliver real and lasting results together with our clients teams, making sure the understanding and ownership is anchored in their organization

We guide our clients through all the steps of their change journey. The better job we do, the faster we can leave!

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Do you want your Balance Sheet as lean as your P&L?