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SETPOINT Advisory is in the business of guiding organizations towards their optimal working capital and supply chain performance level - their SETPOINT.

SETPOINT Advisory is committed to delivering real and lasting results. We take a holistic and end-customer-centric approach on the full cash conversion cycle, optimizing the operational and structural drivers behind your current performance - impacting not only cashflow but also topline and cost.

We understand the intrinsic relationship between Strategy, Operations, Finance and People, making sure our solutions balance and optimize all four perspectives combined


Aligning management agenda with culture, incentives and operational abilities


Optimizing process efficiencies and balancing daily decisions


Providing visibility and control, enabling insightful decisions


Identifying competency gaps to be closed through our Academy services

SETPOINT Advisory | finding and approaching your Setpoint

Finding and approaching your Setpoint

A working capital SETPOINT is challenging to find, let alone reach, as it involves multiple stakeholders with often conflicting strategies, targets and KPIs. SETPOINT Advisory will guide you on this journey, making sure the approach is tailored to your current performance and overall value chain maturity.

SETPOINT Advisory | lean working capital - cash conversion cycle

A significant portion of operating working capital and the cash conversion cycle is owned and influenced by operations, making it more than just a finance concern. These processes are highly interconnected, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach.


SETPOINT Advisory's Lean Working Capital methodology understands the importance of aligning approach and targets across functions - optimizing the organization as a whole.

Lean working capital focus on and understand the intrinsic relationship between working capital, cash-flow management, supply chain optimization and operational excellence - and how all needs to improve to create lasting and balanced results.

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Lean working capital impacts cashflow and profitability

Companies with strong working capital practices tend to be more profitable. 

Not only because released cash can be reinvested in new equipment and growth, but because sustained operating working capital improvements require the removal of supply chain constraints and performance gaps. Processes will be streamlined, efficiencies improved, and supply chain biases removed – impacting not only cash but also top-line and costs.

SETPOINT Advisory's lean working capital is a data driven approach, covering elements of supply chain optimization and operational excellence:

Incentives & performance mgmt
Sales & operations planning
Portfolio management
Collection & dispute mgmt
Supply chain footprint & design
Production planning & scheduling
Sourcing & procurement
SCM IT system review
Integrated business planning
Inventory planning & control
Credit management
Structured financial solutions (SCF)

Working the root cause of the issue to realize lasting results

Working capital is often a symptom of underlying supply chain and operational inefficiencies.

SETPOINT Advisory's  Lean Working Capital approach identifies and removes the underlying drivers of inefficiency, as part of realizing lasting results.

SETPOINT Advisory - working the root casue of the issue to realize lasting results
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