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Giving your team the tools to succeed and support change

Systems development, AI or not, will only get us that far. Human Intelligence will still play an important role in driving and cementing change

SETPOINT Academy help close any competency gaps standing between yourself and sustainable results


Lifting the knowledge roof is not enough, you also need to activate and lift the knowledge floor

Securing insights and awareness as the first step to lasting improvements

SETPOINT Academy provides a holistic understanding of how successful supply chain organizations should operate, and a solid platform for behavioral change

Our online courses – powered by Quick and Clever – focus on OPERATIONS and FINANCE fundamentals

Give your company a competence boost


SETPOINT Academy will help you address one of the most common reasons why change projects fail

“…people can not change if they do not have the knowledge and skills to behave differently…”

“… many projects are unsuccessful as we tend to underestimate the impact of resistance to change within organizations… "

“…lack of understanding of the purpose of the change drives a lack of user buy-in, which in turn leads to lack of collaboration…”

“…70% of all change projects fail, often because of lack of buy-in from core stakeholders…”

“…many transformation initiatives fail to focus on development of the people who will perform the change…”

"Before we can make people change, we first have to break through their unconscious unawareness..."

"[delivering change] ...is about changing people’s behavior, often a lot of people, and this is not trivial"

Creating a relevant and common platform of understanding across the organization

Our trainings were originally developed and battle tested at the  Swedish engineering group Sandvik, and has since been used by companies such as Scania, Volvo, Shell and SCA

The trainings are constantly developed to capture the latest development in respective area, providing up-to-date and relevant insights

Providing a broad set of easily accessible trainings

SETPOINT Academy's one-hour eLearning provides a solid base understanding through the use of relevant metaphors, visuals and interactive content

Its course material is easily accessible through online platform with individual log-in, allowing admin to monitor progress and results

Each course include a final test and personal certification upon completion

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Recognizing your individuals by offering certified education

SETPOINT Academy's allows you to invest in and grow your individual talents through our certified trainings: either stand alone courses or our 3-tiered certified SETPOINT education

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Do you want want to close your organization's competence gap?