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SETPOINT Academy upskills and reskills your organization to better meet the working capital- and supply chain challenges of today's volatile markets

Uplevel your teams' insights and awareness through battle-tested and SETPOINT-certified online courses in lean working capital, supply chain efficiency and operational excellence.

Find out how we can help upskill your organization - a quick conversation is all it takes.

Optimize your organizations insight and awareness. Read SETPOINT Academy's latest whitepaper.
Curated Content

Decades of experience condensed into a portfolio of courses

Expert Creators

Developed and tested by real-world subject matter experts

Easily Accessible

Available any time through online platform with individual log-in

In native language

Aim at having our courses available in our client's native language

SETPOINT Group | Lean Working Capital

Insight and awareness are the corner stones of any lasting improvements

Give a competence boost through SETPOINT Academy's certified courses


Curated content covering core aspects of Lean Working Capital, Operational Excellence and Supply Chain Optimization

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Uplevels insights and awareness of how successful organizations operate.

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Creates a common platform of understanding across functions and stakeholders.

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Facilitates successful change, not by improving the experts but by lifting the knowledge floor.


Continuous improvement is about changing people’s behavior, often a lot of people, and this is not trivial

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Many change initiatives fail due to lack of buy-in from the people tasked with realizing it

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Insight and awareness are required as a platform for behavioral change.

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People cannot improve if they do not have the knowledge and skills to behave differently.


Relevant and accessible course material that can easily be rolled out to both small and large organizations

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Hosted on a safe, reliable and proven platform with large capacity to host.

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Accessible on all common platforms as long as there is an internet connection

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All course material currently available in English and Swedish with more languages in progress.

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Do you want to upskill your whole team or boost your own CV?

We can help with both! Find a solution that best suit your needs 

Corporate growth program

Boost you team! Create a common platform of understanding across your organization.

Your corporate program include:

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Annual subscription based on your need, number of people and courses

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Onboarding support for optimal roll-out in your organization

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Opportunity to white label courses with own logotype - powered by SETPOINT

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Opportunity to add customized section with company specific messaging

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Admin interface and dashboard for real-time view of individual users' progress

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Individual certification after successful completion of course and test

Individual growth program

Boost your personal growth and CV. Increase your workplace value                     

Your individual program include:

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4-week access to selected course material, with personal log-in to online platform

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Personal certification after successful completion of course and test

SETPOINT Academy - certified eLearning

Showcase your skills with SETPOINT Academy's certificates of completion

  • Each eLearning course offers a personalized SETPOINT Academy's certificate of completion

  • All certificates are downloadable as pdf for print

Sample certificate

SETPOINT Academy certificate
SETPOINT Academy courses
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