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SETPOINT Group is based in Sweden, but we operate globally

We are a boutique advisory firm focused on helping our clients reach the right balance between operating profit and working capital.

We are one of the most experienced teams on the market, and know ’what good looks like’.

SETPOINT Group | dedicated to lasting results

We hold decades of relevant and hands-on experience, allowing us to:

Hit the ground running: we have done this before and can get the job done in a as short period of time as possible

Minimize non-value add disturbance to the organization: we know what to look for and can quickly focus our efforts on what really matters

Provide recommendations beyond standard tick-in-the-box solutions: our vast experience from a multiple of industries allows us to provide solutions outside the proverbial box

We are dedicated to providing lasting results, making sure the solutions are owned and driven by the local organizations

Meet our SETPOINT Group team

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Johan Nordström  | SETPOINT Group | SETPOINT Systems

Johan Nordstrom

Managing Partner 

Johan is specialized in Working Capital Management and related fields. He developed a core Working Capital optimization methodology in the 90s which has since been applied in hundreds of projects globally

Johan has extensive experience from leading Group-wide WCM improvement projects over the last 20 years, and knows what it takes to succeed and deliver lasting results

Johan is also a family man and loves spending time outdoors, whether on a bike, hiking or at sea

Johan Nordström | LinkedIn
Alexander Flach  | SETPOINT Group | SETPOINT Systems

Alexander Flach


Alexander is specialized in Lean Working Capital and Value Chain Optimization, with specific focus on aligning operational strategies across organizations, S&OP and inventory management and control

Alexander has experience from planning and leading large transformation projects in a variety of industries, including interim management positions, and has delivered strategic and operational improvements to clients, targeting both cash release and pure cost savings during the last 15 years.

Alexander is also a passionate chef, and has in a prior career worked for the world famous Paul Bocuse in France. With Alex’s help you will also be able to enjoy deliciously handcrafted cocktails.

Alexander Flach | LinkedIn
Rikard Kallberg  | SETPOINT Group

Rikard Kallberg 

Associate Partner

Rikard has more than 20 years of professional experience within production engineering & lean, procurement & supply chain management, product management, digitalization and automatization

He comes most recently from ABB where he has had various management positions including local and global responsibilities.

Rikard is also the owner of Quick & Clever

Rickard Kallberg | LinkedIn
Deni Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich 

US Business Development

Dennis Kucinich is a high-profile American with a deep background in governance, regulatory systems, monetary policy, media and international relations

He was America's youngest elected big-city mayor, served in the Ohio Senate, and then 16 years in the US Congress.

In Congress, Kucinich rose to prominence chairing the congressional investigative subcommittee probing the subprime meltdown. He ran twice for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

Meet our extended SETPOINT Solutions team

SETPOINT Solutions is a joint-venture between SETPOINT Group and Intito 

Together we combine working capital subject matter expertise, strong business acumen and best-in-class planning-, reporting-, and analysis solution (CPM) capabilities

Intito is also SETPOINT Group's technical partner, providing insights and resources when needed in our Advisory projects

Lena Lambert | SETPOINT Systems
Lena Lambert | LinkedIn

Lena Lambert 

Lena has extensive experience of running successful businesses, primarily in ​​Corporate Performance Management (CPM). Her broad experience of various software and industries provide unique value for customers and partners.

Anders Alfalk  | SETPOINT Systems
Anders Alfalk | Linkedin

Anders Alfalk

Anders has more than 20 years of experience from Performance Management consulting. Anders has also gained deep understanding of Finance related challenges from his years as Accountant, CFO and Management Consultant

David Pretorius  | SETPOINT Systems
David Pretorius | LinkedIn

David Pretorius

David has 15+ years of extensive BI/Planning-experience at corporate level Performance Management and Analytic solutions at 75+ of the largest corporations in the Nordic region.

Carl Richter  | SETPOINT Systems
Carl Richter | LinkedIn

Carl Richter

Carl has extensive experience from Performance Management-related projects, being involved in all stages of projects, from analysis of needs and definition to technical implementation.

Rickard Rygin  | SETPOINT Systems
Rickard Rygin | LinkedIn

Rickard Rygin

Rickard has an extensive career within IBM. He has deep knowledge of Planning Analytics (TM1), Cognos BI and Cognos Controller FAP, and has been in charge of implementations in both Europe and North America.

Oskar Götlind  | SETPOINT Systems
Oskar Götlind | LinkedIn

Oskar Götlind

Past experience in several Business Intelligence Tools and also experience in leading several successful projects to improve a data driven culture in one of the world leading corporations.

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