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SETPOINT Group is a boutique firm focused on helping our clients reach the right balance between operating profit and working capital

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Waking up to whatever the new reality looks like post COVID 19

Companies and tomorrows leaders will need to re-think and adapt to this new reality.  

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Working capital is an often-neglected area, with great untapped potential

It is often one of the larger capital investments many organizations make

It is an indicator of companies' operational health, agility, and growth potential – one of the early symptoms of process inefficiencies

Properly managed, it has a direct impact on your cashflow, topline and cost – where freed up cash can fund innovation and growth and allow companies to operate with less debt

Yet, the Working Capital paradox... 

Many companies struggle with accountability and understanding their optimal working capital – their SETPOINT – let alone forecast what it should look like in the future.

Working Capital metrics are often lagging and too blunt of an instrument for efficient management and control

A company’s Working Capital is often something that happen, rather than a controlled outcome…

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Are you in balance?

SETPOINT Group's Lean Working Capital is a holistic end-customer centric approach, helping our clients achieving or improving their company’s Working Capital SETPOINT.

The SETPOINT reflects a company’s Working Capital steady state in which all processes operate in harmony with Suppliers and Customers – improving not only Cash Conversion but also Top-Line and Cost.

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Why focus on Working Capital?

Working Capital reflects the DNA of a company, providing vital insights into its health, agility and growth potential.

SETPOINT Group’s Lean Working Capital helps organizations reach and maintain optimal working capital levels to sustain or grow their operations – what we call a Working Capital SETPOINT.

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Do you need help identifying your SETPOINT?